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PulseStarIt all works very simply.
By installing one iButton® in each unit and matching it to a portable toilet number placed on the unit for easy customer reference you eliminate the need for service stickers.  The technician scans the iButton using a PulseStar® data collection device at each stop for service validation.  At the end of each day each technician's PulseStar probe is downloaded using a special transfer station attached to a computer.  The downloaded data contains the date, time, and function of each unit visited by the technician.  Our exclusive discriminatory scanning process allows EZTrakR to properly parse the raw data and note the event type (service, delivery, or pickup).  Immediately after the download several reports are updated and are available at a click of a mouse button.  Missed services - employee productivity - probe tracking - and others.

Simple point and click screens allow new deliveries, relocations, replacements, and pickups to be entered into EZTrakR.  Your inventory is automatically updated when these entries are made, as is billing information.  This process is quick and easy.

Your technicians scan, you point and click.  That's really all there is to it.  EZTrakR does the rest.
The required hardware is available to purchase directly from EZTrakR vendor at discounted rates.

  1. iButton is a small memory chip with a unique serial number that easily mounts onto portable toilets for service validation purposes. Purchase includes the iButton and plastic holder for easy installation. Read more about iButton Technology.
  2. PulseStar is a data collection device provided to each employee to scan iButton for verification of service.  Purchase includes a battery and key ring and is ready for use. Read more about Data Collection Technologies.
  3. PulseStar download station is used to transmit information from the PulseStar to the computer.  One must be provided for each service yard location.  Purchase includes data cable.


Exceptional Customer Service

We believe in customer service so we offer a free live demo with one of our team members that will walk you through how easy it is to use our program. Try your free hands-on demo today.  Complete a 'Contact Us' sheet with your information and request for a demo.