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The System

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EZTrakR is simple to use, requires little training, and is the ONLY complete management system available for the portable sanitation industry. The intuitive iButton® technology, QuickBooks® integration, EZMapTrak geocoding, routing, scheduling and optimization, and GPS/Java enabled cell phones unite with EZTrakR to provide complete control of customer service, dispatch operations, route optimization, automated billing, and inventory management.




Positive Service Validation
Each and every service, delivery, and pickup is absolutely validated with a date and time stamp using tamper-proof iButton® technology and rugged PulseStar® data collectors. Absolute knowledge about what was really done, by whom, and when.



Routing and Scheduling

Visual Routing and Scheduling
Select service days, assign to routes, and optimize individual routes. All simple and EZ with the power of the EZTrakR® mapping modules. Just one click produces your complete daily schedules ready to hand to your technicians.




Vehicle/Technician Tracking
EZTrakR® provides tracking that you can really use. Whether you want to use actual probe tracking or GPS tracking EZTrakR® has it for you. Presented on high quality EZMapTrak maps right on your desktop, you can look at almost anything you want -- anyway you want.




Automated Inventory Control
Know where your units are at any time. EZTrakR® uses simple point and click matching of all deliveries and pickups to maintain an updated inventory along with the complete location history of every unit. Simple one click inventory reports give you a quick count of your yard inventory or delivered inventory.



Enhanced Customer Service
Everything you need is just a click away. Complete histories for any unit, location, or customer. Resolve problems and propose solutions instantly. Quick and EZ order entry with most fields automatically populated.



EZ and Accurate Billing
Automatic billing with one click includes pro-rated charges, rental and service fees, and any surcharges all automatically calculated for you. Use our one click integration with QuickBooks® for invoice production and powerful financial reporting. All data is synchronized with QuickBooks® such as customer lists, items codes, and sales tax so you can utilize all features of QuickBooks with complete accuracy. With EZTrakR you will never again miss a billable item and no double entry is required. All delivered units are automatically billed. Several billing options available for your convenience.




Knowledge and Power
Reports like you've never imagined. Missed Services?? - know immediately. Employee productivity - the real thing, not just guesswork anymore. See times between stops on any route and employee time logs. Information you can use because when you KNOW, you can really take control.

Exceptional Customer Service

We believe in customer service so we offer a free live demo with one of our team members that will walk you through how easy it is to use our program. Try your free hands-on demo today.  Complete a 'Contact Us' sheet with your information and request for a demo.